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by Catia Bosica
Couture 2020 Rosee 2020 2019
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 143 - Città Sant'Angelo (PE) - Italy
Tel./Fax (+39) 085 96 548 - Mob. (+39) 339 838 7643

Catia Bosica Couture

Transparencies realised with precious materials that shape both body and waistline
like real bustier

Catia Bosica Couture
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Sarta Spose Catia Bosica - Bengiavi Embroidery Prevalent in Catia Bosica Couture collection: Swarovski stones and glass crystals are the bustier main features. The brides, shining of their own light, in their “Yes” day are real princesses. Haute couture Catia Bosica’s passion reveals the Made in Italy essence in its sartorial skills, to guarantee the high quality of the Bengiavì Bridal Group brand.

Catia Bosica:

haute couture and passion

The style of Catia was born many years ago, on elementary school desks, in her very ancient Città Sant’ Angelo hill town. It was there that her first drawings started to come alive.

People don’t become stylists from one day to another. Catia’s passion for fashion sprouts from her natural charm, enhanced during her teen years, in her mother’s boutique. Later on, Catia went studying at the “Fashion and Costume Academy” in Rome, where she could extend her horizons towards italian and international haute couture brands.

After 30 years of work and professional growth, Catia founded, in her beloved town , the "Bengiavì Bridal Group by Catia Bosica". The word "Bengiavì" is the acronym for her 3 children: Benedetta, Gianmarco and Vincenza.

Love, passion, duty and dedication are the elements that identify Catia’s Made in Italy style flowing into an unique personal style.

Research The peculiarities of Bengiavì brides are the continuous research for innovative materials and avant-garde precious laces. A qualified staff, always ready to identify the brides willings, takes care of every detail, scrupulously.
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